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De Mono

Total Albums: 10

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Artist Overview

Artist: De Mono

Genre: Polish

Total Albums: 10

De Mono is a Polish rock band. It was founded in 1984, but the band did not fully form until 1988. Marek Kościkiewicz (vocals and guitar), Piotr Kubiaczyk (bass) and Dariusz Krupicz (drums) were joined by Robert Chojnacki (saxophone) and Andrzej Krzywy (vocals). De Mono was the first band in the world to release an album in a USB format. They released ten albums: Kochać inaczej (1989) Oh Yeah! (1990) Stop (1992) Abrasax (1994) Stereo Hity (1995) Paparazzi (1997) Play (1999) De Luxe (2001) De Best (2004) Siedem dni (2006)