• Iva Fr%C3%BChlingov%C3%A1

Iva Fr%C3%BChlingov%C3%A1

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Artist: Iva Fr%C3%BChlingov%C3%A1

Genre: Pop

Total Albums: 1

Czech singer and former model. Famous in France and Belgium as well. Singing mostly in French. It is quite unclear which genre (mostly pop). So far she has recorded four solo albums, Litvinov (2003) which was also a main soundtrack for the Czech movie "Román pro ženy", Baby Doll (2005), Strip Twist (2007) and Chic A Paris (2013). She has also recorded one album with two other musicians - their band was called No Pan!c (Iva Fruhlingová, Václav Polanský and Peter Boška).